BBC to go completely HD on Satellite

From the start of 2023,  the BBC have been moving towards total HD broadcasting across all their platforms. Already BBC NI, BBC London and many other regions have made this switch.

ITV, Channel 4 , Channel 5 and many other broadcasters are expected to follow soon.

This means that many viewers have now lost access to BBC channels.

There is a legacy transponder  that can be tuned in on free-to -air receivers, but this is just a stop-gap and not expected to be on air long term.

A far better solution is a Freesat HD receiver that tunes itself to keep abreast of any changes, provides a full 7 day EPG and of course glorious full HD quality pictures.

For those who would rather have the Irish Saorview channels and  the UK channels together on one list on a single box,  we recommend a correctly tuned Amiko HD Combi Receiver.

Hotels, Guest Houses and care homes with communal systems may require some updating to their Head ends. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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